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Cretelights are cast from moulds using a high-tech durable, weatherproof, resin-based material. It takes 3 days to make a light from mixing to curing of moulded shade. Each light of the same code is identical as they come from the same mould.

Cretelights are tough but will probably break if dropped on a hard surface.


Colours: White
You can paint the “Textured Range” with PVA and the “Smooth Range” with PVA but only after applying a key to bond the paint to the surface.

We offer a Smooth and a Textured range of wall lights.


The shades are made from resin mixed with fillers and pigments
The walls of the shade are about 10mm thick
Attachment devices are 316L stainless steel and St/Steel screws are supplied with wall plugs and installation instructions

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